Fall Midweek Discipleship
Forward this Fall

Women  |  Men  |  Adults

We are moving forward as a church! Our methods are changing but the mission of evangelism and discipleship remains the same. There is a place of service and growth for all who attend onsite or online. There is no better time for members or guests to be immersed in God’s Word.  All mid-week discipleship offerings are online only.


Awana | Via Zoom

3 years old by August 31st – 6th grade

We know this year has looked different, but we are still committed to supporting you as you lead your children in the things of God.  Because of that, we are so excited to announce an amazing opportunity for kids’ discipleship right in your very own home! Registration for AWANA is now open! If you have children 3 years old by August 31st all the way through 6th grade, jump on the sign-up train to purchase the curriculum for this fall!


High School Offsite Option

Students choosing to participate in offsite small group will be divided based on gender into small groups of 3-6 that will meet at a home, coffee shop, park or other public place throughout the week at the discretion of the group leader. No groups will be meeting onsite at LBC. These small groups will cover the same topics discussed in our Zoom option. Registration is required.

High School Zoom Option | Via Zoom

Thursdays | 7:00pm

Students will meet online in Zoom format as we go through various Biblically centered topics. There is no registration required. Zoom links will be sent via weekly Student Ministry Email.

Middle School | Live Bible Study | Via Zoom

Thursdays | 7:00pm
Email jallen@lenexabaptist.com for Zoom meeting link.

We will continue to offer a mid-week zoom Bible Study through the first of the year. Our Bible study is on Thursday nights at 7pm.  We spend some time worshipping through song, studying the Bible and finish each night in small groups discussing and applying the Biblical text we studied that night.  We are very mindful of school nights so we promise to be done by 8pm so students can finish homework and get the rest they need. This is another great opportunity to keep your student connected, please help us by supporting this opportunity with your students!


Trustworthy | Via Zoom

Tues. August 18-September 22 | 9am-10:00am
Led by Faith McDonald

Wed. August 19-September 23 | 6:30pm-7:30pm
Led by Trisha Hamilton

When hard times come and it seems God is deviating from the plan, we assume our life should follow and we’re much more likely to want to tame God, not trust Him. It is then we begin to press into our ways and our own timing. No human can carry the weight of being their own god, but so many of us try. In this study of 1 & 2 Kings, explore Scriptures that will teach us how to truly trust God.

To purchase a Bible Study Book, go to https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/trustworthy-bible-study-book-P005804019

Legacy: How One Ordinary Life Can Make an Eternal Difference | Via Zoom

Wed. August 19-September 23 | 6:30pm-7:30pm
Led by Melanie Golightly

Do you want to pass down something of worth? Do you want your influence to last? Do you want your life to matter in the future?  We all want to be women of legacy, but how do we begin? Examine the character and actions of women in Scripture—Esther, Mary Magdalene, Ruth, Deborah, the woman at the well, and more—to inspire and challenge you to leave a gospel-centered legacy.

To purchase a Bible Study Book and to view free online video sessions, go to https://www.lifeway.com/en/product-family/legacy-bible-study

Better: A Study of Hebrews | Via Zoom

Tues. August 18-October 20 | 9am-10:00am
Led by Kate Wilson

Wed. August 19-October 21 | 6:30pm-8:00pm
Led by Holly Manlove

In this verse-by-verse study of the Book of Hebrews, explore how God “provided something better for us” in the person of Jesus Christ. Through stories of Old Testament heroes and practices, the author of Hebrews demonstrates how the new covenant is superior to the old and how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of every promise. Explore familiar verses in context of the entire Bible, learning how to place your hope and faith in Christ alone.

To purchase Bible Study Book, go to https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/better-bible-study-book-P005814378

Precept Upon Precept Inductive Study-Esther and Ruth | Via Zoom

Tues. Mornings August 18-December 1 | 9am-11am
Led by Caroline Trammel and Lisa Bower

Tues. Evenings August 18-December 1 | 7pm-9pm
Led by Caroline Trammel and Lisa Bower

What is your purpose? God is always working in the affairs of His creation, even when we are unaware. This study shows us how Esther attained royalty to fulfill God’s purpose in her life and the lives of His people. Can God use you “for such a time as this”?

If you were a slave, who would buy your freedom? If you had an enemy, who would come to your defense? In the Old Testament, this buyer-defender known as a “kinsman – redeemer” was usually a close relative. If you’re a believer, you already have one – Jesus Christ! This rich study of Ruth shows how Jesus both bought us and advocates for us, offering us an opportunity to rebuild our broken lives.

Books will cost $18.25 and will available for pick up at Lenexa Baptist during business hours starting August 16th.

Jude | Via Zoom

Wed. September 14-October 26 | 6:30pm-7:30pm
Led by Miranda Renfro

Dive into themes of being called, loved, and kept, and learn how to point others to Jesus in grace and truth. We serve others well when we share the whole gospel with them, not just the parts deemed attractive by our culture.

To purchase the Bible Study Book, go to https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/jude-bible-study-book-P005812989

James | Via Zoom

Tues. August 18-November 10 | 7pm-8pm
Led by Bethany Morgan

The Book of James is filled with practical wisdom for Christians, calling us to live out genuine faith through good works, but it is also rooted in rich theology. Perhaps more than any other book in the New Testament, James emphasizes the application of Christian belief.

To purchase the Bible Study Book, go to https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/james-bible-study-book-P005793413

Renew for Moms | Via Zoom

Sep. – Apr. | 9:00-10:30am
First & third Thursday of every month

Our fun meetings include connecting with other moms, crafts, wisdom from our mentor moms, encouragement from God’s Word, discipleship, relevant speakers  and opportunities for service.

Contact Charity Walters at renew@lenexabaptist.com if you have questions about joining us this semester.  Registration is required to receive meeting links.  There is no fee for our online meetings.

September 17 Renew Kickoff | 9am-10:30am
We will meet online via zoom for our first meeting of the year!

In addition to the Kickoff zoom meeting we will have a meet and greet for women (no children) at the Fruth Farm Barn, Sept 17 at 7pm.  (Further details available after registration). All Renew participants are invited to the meet and greet where you will get acquainted with your small group and mentor mom.  Please plan to attend both the 9am Renew Meeting via Zoom and the Meet & Greet at 7pm!

Renew Meeting Dates 2020/2021
Sept 17  |  Oct  1, 15  |  Nov 5, 19  |  Dec  3  |  Jan 21  |  Feb 4, 18  |  Mar 4, 18  |  Apr 15


Daily Discipleship | Via Zoom

Mon. September 14-October 26 | 7pm-8pm
Led by Dave MacLachlan

Discovery Bible study has been used around the world to help followers of Christ grow in their faith. This study will equip you with tools to help you be an intentional disciple of Christ, sharing the truth of scripture in your home, your neighborhood and your workplace. Together, we will walk through the book of 1 Peter to help sharpen each other as we learn and grow in God’s grace.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study | Via Zoom


In this study we will be looking at Galatians and Ephesians one chapter at a time. This study will be helpful in providing guidance on how we can experience the ongoing freedom of being God’s children, and the freedom that Christ has won for us.

Agents of Babylon | Via Zoom

Wed. August 19-November 4 | 8:30pm-9:30pm
Led by Travis Bryant and Ryan McDaniel

Through this study of the book of Daniel,  you will gain new understanding about our culture and the future of God’s people, and you will grow in your confidence that the Lord will fulfill the remaining prophecies of Daniel.

To order the book, go to https://www.davidjeremiah.org/store/product/agents-of-babylon-0902

Every Man a Warrior | Via Zoom

Wed. August 19-November 18 | 6:30-8:00pm
Led By Jon Buckman

This study develops the essential skills of discipleship. These skills include: Having a Quiet Time, Meditating on Scripture, Prayer, and Application of the Word.  Learn how to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  If you want to be discipled or become a disciple maker, this is the class for you. In person and online option available.

To sign up, contact Bethany Morgan at bmorgan@lenexabaptist.com


Love and Respect | Via Zoom

Wed. August 19-October 28 | 6:30pm-7:30pm
Led by Jim and Sue Fruth

Cracking the communication code between husband and wife involves understanding one thing: Unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her. You and your mate can truly start afresh with the groundbreaking guidance provided in this interactive study.

To purchase the Bible Study Book, go to https://www.christianbook.com/love-respect-workbook-couples-individuals-groups/emerson-eggerichs/9781591453482/pd/453488?event=ESRCG.

GriefShare | Via Zoom

Wed. August 19-November 18 |  6:30pm-8:30pm
Led by Dr. Leif

GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.  Books are $15 and can be picked up in the church’s main office during normal business hours. Scholarships available.

Contact pduckett@lenexabaptist.com for details.

I Share Hope | Via Zoom

Begins Wed. September 2 | 6:30pm
Led by Steve Barnes

Does the thought of sharing your Christian faith scare you to death? Excellent, you’re normal. So, keep reading. This fun and interactive training is definitely for you. You’ll discover your life-purpose and learn how to use your God-given gifts, talents, and abilities to share Jesus with confidence. Experienced Christians are ready to gently guide you each step of the way. So, come on, join the greatest mission on the planet, become an #LBCHOPEGIVER, and let’s share the love of Christ together!

*If you’re a seasoned Gospel sharing veteran and want to help, please contact us.